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Dean's Note with Intermin Dean Richard Alderman

     While discussing the Law Center's successes with a good friend over lunch, he listened to my assessments and said I shouldn't overanalyze everything and should just be happy and excited about the good things. In fact, I had been questioning why some numbers were what they were, who we didn't hire instead of who we did, whether all of the good things that have happened will continue and what we need to do to ensure they do.

     I quickly realized that my friend was right, and that while analysis and dissection may come later, for now, I should just revel in all the good news about the Law Center. So here, with unbridled enthusiasm, are some of the fantastic things that have been going on at the University of Houston Law Center:

  • We have hired 13 Tenure/tenure track faculty in the past five years. While on our faculty, they published more than 55 articles in journals and reviews. We also have hired four clinical faculty.
  • In the most recent U.S. News rankings, 76% of our graduates were employed nine months after graduation. This places us in the top 35 law schools in the country.
  • Our faculty has appeared in local, state and national media over 200 times in the past six months.
  • The Law Review ranks in top 2.5% of more than 1,600 law journals, while the Journal of International Law ranks in the top 25%.
  • The Law Center is ranked 48th by 2013 U.S. News & World Report
    • Intellectual Property Law program ranks 7th
    • Health Law program ranks 8th
    • Part-time program ranks 16th
    • Tax Law program ranks 18th
  • The Law Center is ranked 29th by the National Law Journal among "Go to" law schools based on the percent of graduates hired by the top 250 law firms in U.S.
  • We are ranked A- (top 35) by the National Jurist based on "best value."

     Guess my friend was right. Based on the good news at the Law Center, there is no reason not to be enthusiastic.

Richard Alderman
Interim Dean

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