UHLC Class of ’17 by the numbers 

Class of '17

coog Hand signAug. 25, 2014 -- Take a look around you Class of '17, you might be sitting next to an All-American athlete, an Eagle Scout, or maybe someone who outran the bulls at Pamplona. The person sitting in front of you might speak Urdu, Aramaic, or Mandarin at home, and already have a PhD.

Two hundred and thirty five of you started school today in the most diverse class in the 67-year history of the University of Houston Law Center. The class is almost equally divided with 50.7 percent men and 49.3 percent women; 37.8 percent are classified as minorities; 16.9 percent are non-residents from 17 states and 12 countries; and 24 languages are spoken in addition to American Sign Language.

The median LSAT score is 159 while the median GPA is 3.47. Members of the class earned undergraduate degrees from 98 different universities in 57 majors, 18.6 percent in Political Science, the highest number in memory.  The top feeder schools were the University of Texas (38), Texas A&M University (25), and the University of Houston (23). At least 11 served in the military prior to enrolling, and 29 earned graduate degrees, including one medical doctor. Five have already earned law degrees in another country.
Prior work experience ranges from teachers and journalists to a flight attendant and jobs in the energy sector. The most popular classmate just might be the one with access to the ice cream truck he or she drove before turning to the law.

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