UHLC Prof. Bush led discussion calling for greater competition among airlines  

Darren Bush

Dec. 11, 2015 – University of Houston Law Center Professor Darren Bush moderated a panel on airline competition Thursday as part of a day-long conference on regulation and policy issues within the industry hosted by the American Antitrust Institute in Washington, D.C.

Bush led a discussion with industry and consumer representatives on the topic “Taking Stock of Competition - The Airlines, Distribution, and the Consumer.”

“Our panel discussed what has changed in the past decade in terms of the customer experience, including issues of ticketing, fees, and distribution,” he said.

The 2015 Airline Roundtable, “Airline Competition at a Crossroads: Refocusing Policy to Address Competitive Challenges,” is aimed at refocusing antitrust and regulatory aviation policies to promote rivalry, innovation, and consumer benefits.

Prior to joining the Law Center faculty, Bush served as a trial attorney in the U.S. Attorney General’s Antitrust Division where his primary focus was the investigation of mergers and anticompetitive conduct in energy markets and airlines. He has testified numerous times on antitrust matters before congressional committees and federal commissions.

Bush, Law Foundation Professor at UHLC, teaches courses on Antitrust, Regulated Industries, Law & Economics, Administrative Law, Statutory Interpretation and Regulation, and Contracts.

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