UH Law Center's Associate Dean Tennessee discusses dynamic between law students, parents on ABA Journal podcast

Sondra R. Tennessee, Associate Dean for Student Affairs at the University of Houston Law Center.

Aug. 27, 2018 - University of Houston Law Center Associate Dean for Student Affairs Sondra R. Tennessee shared advice on how parents can help their children succeed in law school in the latest episode of the ABA Journal's "Asked & Answered" podcast.

Tennessee suggested students and their parents should establish boundaries and be transparent in their communications in the segment titled, "Halting the Hover: Dealing with helicopter parents in law school."

"Many parents have been deeply involved in their child's educational experience," Tennessee said. "One of the things you can do is set up open lines of communication. I find that when students go to law school, it's important for them to keep their sense of community and the connections that they've had that have helped them be successful up to this point.

"I think you should be open with your child and keep those lines of communication, but not try to insert yourself completely in their experience. Sometimes it's helpful to not even discuss law school and to be able to have a breather and talk about something else."

Tennessee also said that first-hand information available to students can sometimes be overlooked, and that parents can help their children by encouraging them to seek out resources offered by their law school.

One of the things parents can do is ask, 'what are the resources?' have open-ended questions and engage them and listen to them," she said.

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