UH Law Center 2L Alejandra Galvan promotes diversity with ABA's Student Minority

Dean Leonard M. Baynes provides updates to students on happenings at the University of Houston Law Center.   
Second-year University of Houston Law Center student Alejandra Galvan.

Oct. 10, 2018 — As a first-generation Hispanic law student, University of Houston Law Center 2L Alejandra Galvan has made it her mission to encourage undergraduate students to make the most of their opportunities, whether it is seeking out mentors or thoroughly researching their post-graduate education options.

She will have an opportunity to continue that work as she was recently elected as chair of the Minority Caucus for the American Bar Association's Law Student Division during the organization's annual meeting in Chicago.

"Being able to help other minorities or students in situations similar to mine as the chair of the Minority Caucus means the most," Galvan said. "The American Bar Association is a national organization, and I can reach more people through the ABA than I could just by doing it on my own."

One of the initiatives that Galvan and the caucus will work on is developing pipeline programs for undergraduate students.

"Even though UH already has a pipeline program, other Student Bar Association presidents and ABA representatives are really interested in getting undergraduate institutions involved with law school pipelines or developing their own," Galvan said.

Galvan said the caucus also will work to expand its digital outreach by creating a platform for minority students to share their experiences and ask and answer questions.

"There are students who attend schools that are not as diverse as UH, so finding a minority mentor in their location can be difficult," she said, "so we hope to look into a digital mentor program."

Galvan is also president of the Law Center's Student Bar Association. She encourages students to participate in extracurricular activities at the Law Center because it allows them to make lasting connections with classmates.

"It's a lot of work, but I have enjoyed being able to work closely with some amazing people," Galvan said. "Being able to see people so passionately work towards something together is probably the best part of being a part of SBA.

"I think being in an organization at the Law Center or being in the ABA is important. Not only because of the networking aspect, but also because there is so much more to learn in organizations from those you work with. I also think it's important because it places responsibility on students, and it teaches important skills like time management and how to work in a team to accomplish goals."

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