UHLC ‘Small & Midsize Firm Open House’ connects students with employers

UHLC students meet with prospective employers during the "Small & Midsize Firm Open House" at the UH Student Center.

Feb. 20, 2015- Resumes in hand and wearing their sharpest business attire, approximately 100 University of Houston Law Center students filled the Houston Room of the UH Student Center Friday to meet prospective employers at the “Small & Midsize Firm Open House.”

It was the second year for the event and the first time at the newly refurbished Student Center, said Allison Regan, assistant dean for career development.

Regan said representatives from the 45 firms that participated said they appreciate the opportunity to meet students – 2Ls, 3Ls and LLM candidates – on a one-on-one basis as they seek candidates for internships and associate positons.

“A lot of them say they wish they had something like this when they were in school,” she said. In fact, some of the law firm participants were recent UHLC alumni, she added.

Janet Batarse, human resources manager for the small immigration firm Harry Gee & Associates, said the event was extremely valuable to prospective employers.

“It really helps to put a face to a name, not just a resume,” she said. “It helps a lot when we’re making decisions and bringing people in for interviews.”

Danielle Dary, a 2L, said she’s interested in pursuing a position in environmental law or commercial real estate law once she graduated. She appreciated being able to meet representatives from a lot of firms at one setting.

“You get the chance to meet people face to face instead of just sending something online,” she said.

The open house was the culminating event of the Career Development Office’s Career Week, which included panel discussions Monday through Wednesday in which local attorneys advised students on the merits of joining small or midsize firms and strategies for securing a job.

UHLC student Emily Mott shakes the hand of a firm representative.

UHLC student Emily Mott shakes the hand of a firm representative. 

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