UHLC wins $100,000 grant to develop online programs


March 17, 2015 – The University of Houston has awarded a $100,000 grant to the Law Center for development of a pilot online education program at the law school.

The Law Center’s Ad Hoc Online Learning Committee, chaired by Professor Seth Chandler, drafted the winning funding proposal which will provide for equipment, staff, and other elements needed to begin offering a limited number of law courses partially or completely online.

“I am particularly excited about this opportunity for several reasons,” said Dean Leonard M. Baynes. “First, it will be really helpful in recruiting J.D. students who live outside the Loop for whom commuting to the Law Center can be a difficult daily enterprise; second it will help us recruit J.D. students who have demanding day jobs necessary to support their families but nonetheless would like to simultaneously attend law school; third, it allows us to teach international LL.M. students sitting at their computer terminals in their home countries; fourth, it allows faculty members who are so inclined to implement  21st Century technologies into their pedagogy; and lastly, it will potentially allow a law school of our high stature to place a stake in the ground in developing innovative and world-class offerings that may extend beyond the boundaries of our classrooms.”

"We now have the opportunity to be a leader in developing a new yet complementary infrastructure for learning," said Chandler. "I am confident that our innovative faculty and our very 21st century learners will come up with ingenious and profitable uses for the new technology that preserves the importance of interaction while eliminating the constraints and costs created by the former need for co-location.”

The online committee consists of Chandler, Ellen Marrus, Zach Bray, Kafah Bachari, Erma Bonadero, Kristen Guiseppi, Tracy Hester, Jaqueline Lipton, and Scott Smith.

The dean’s office and the committee will solicit input and suggestions from faculty and staff on how best to implement this opportunity.

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