Pre-law students take part in Discover Law Day 2016 at UHLC

Pre-law students take part in Discover Law Day 2016 at UHLC

Law Center Professor Ronald Turner conducted a mock Constitutional Law class to give students a glimpse into the law school experience.

Feb. 10, 2016 -- The University of Houston Law Center hosted Discover Law Day 2016 on Saturday in partnership with South Texas College of Law, Thurgood Marshall School of Law, and the Law School Admission Council.

The event was intended to introduce students to law school, the legal profession, and the benefits of Discover Law Day was targeted toward racially and ethnically diverse high school and college students in an effort to diversify the legal profession.

“It was very encouraging to see all of these students give up their Saturday morning to learn more about law school,” said Kristen Guiseppi, pipeline program manager. “Their hunger for knowledge and level of commitment will serve them well as they continue their trajectory to law school. Students were given useful information directly related to their journey to law school.

“They gained a lot of exposure and a wealth of networking opportunities; they were exposed to law school faculty members, admissions professionals, and law school students,” Guiseppi said. “They also were able to participate in an event with like-minded peers from similar ethnic and cultural backgrounds who were also interested in attending law school.”

About 90 students attended the event, and learned about preparing for law school and participated in a mock Constitutional law class with Professor Ronald Turner. Dean Leonard M. Baynes addressed the students, congratulating them on “taking the first step in their legal careers.”

Baynes’ comments were followed by a question-and-answer session with current law students and panels on law school and undergraduate admissions.

“It was wonderful to see so many young students interested in pursuing law school and a legal career,” said Pilar Mensah, associate director of admissions. “The students were engaged throughout the day and asked very thoughtful questions of the panelists.”  

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