UHLC students learn about career options at open house for smaller law firms

Attorneys from 50 firms participated in the “Small & Midsize Firm Open House” hosted by the University of Houston Law Center’s Career Development Office in the Houston Room of the Student Center.

Feb. 18, 2016 – University of Houston Law Center students handed out resumes and chatted with representatives of 50 small- and mid-size firms recently during an open house hosted by the school’s Career Development Office.

About 125 students took advantage of the event designed to expose students to attorneys from local firms of various sizes and in a wide range of practices. “It is unique to have the opportunity to meet with so many diverse practitioners in one space,” said Assistant Dean for Career Development Allison Regan. “For students who have not decided on a practice area or those who have not lined up an internship opportunity, the event can have a big impact on the trajectory of their professional career. We have received incredibly positive feedback from both employers and students alike and look forward to continuing this now annual tradition.” 

Associate Director for Career Development Kourtney James Perry said the open house at the Student Center was particularly helpful to students because it gave them access to firms that typically do not have formal recruiting and hiring procedures.

“These firms typically fill positions by "word of mouth" and personal and professional recommendations,” Perry said. “Through the Small & Midsize Firm Open House students were able to connect with firms that normally do not advertise open positions and firms are able to access a wide range of potential candidates far beyond their personal networks."

About 125 Law Center students took advantage of the opportunity to meet with attorneys and discuss career paths at smaller law firms.

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