UHLC recognizes top first-year students for their academic achievement

Harvard Assistant Professor of Education Roberto Gonzales will discuss his book “Lives in Limbo: Undocumented and Coming of Age in America” during the George I. Sanchez Lecture March 29 at the University of Houston Law Center.

University of Houston Law Center Dean Leonard M. Baynes congratulates first-year law students who were honored at the 2016 Academic Achievement Reception in the Hendricks Heritage Room.

March 15, 2016 — The University of Houston Law Center held its first Academic Achievement Reception last week in the Hendricks Heritage Room to honor 55 top students for their academic success during their first year of law school.

“It is not very often in law school that there are not opportunities for people to say congratulations, we recognize you, you’ve done well, we’re proud of you” said Dean Leonard M. Baynes in his opening remarks on March 8.

Associate Dean for Student Affairs Sondra Tennessee said the reception not only serves to recognize top students, but to encourage them to take advantage of all the other opportunities the Law Center offers, and to wish them well in the years to come.

Rebecca M. Cutri-Kohart, a part-time student who will graduate this spring, also attended the reception and offered advice to students about growth opportunities beyond hitting the books.

“You have shown that you can master learning in the classroom, you can go to class, you can learn what you need to know, you can take the tests, and can get a good grade; that’s step one of learning from law school,” said Cutri-Kohart. “Step two of learning from law school is to learn in all the other ways that are not in the classroom. That might mean learning from being on the Houston Law Review or other journal, moot court and mock trial, or an internship or externship.”

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