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UH Law Center Spring 2018 Distinguished Speaker Series: Harvard Law School Professor Glenn Cohen examines moral basis for animal welfare protections

Christopher Storm ’08 provided an overview of his experience with IP law and detailed his career trajectory to University of Houston Law Center students last week.

Glenn Cohen of Harvard Law School addresses University of Houston Law Center faculty and students during a discussion in the Hendricks Heritage Room.

Feb. 15, 2018 - Glenn Cohen, a professor at Harvard Law School, delivered a provocative analysis on the bioethical aspects of animal welfare under current U.S. law during the latest Spring 2018 scholarship colloquium on Monday at the University of Houston Law Center.

Cohen's presentation was based on his draft paper, "Herding Animals/Hurting Animals." He examined how to think about animal rights law that may have the effect of changing whether and how many animals come into existence, and how our thinking about human reproduction might guide us.

"Most animal rights laws are premised on the desire to prevent harm to animals, but that noble goal may mask some significant complexity," Cohen said. "What happens when such law also have the effect of preventing the creation of new kinds of animals or sharply reducing the number of animals of a particular kind (says cows) that come into existence? Do we need to think beyond the simple paradigm of harm and benefit to justify such laws? Where might that take us?"

Troy McKenzie, a professor at the NYU School of Law, will serve as the next speaker on Feb. 19

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