Student Spotlight

Ben Wells, 3L
Student Regent

Ben wells

Ben Wells, 3L


Third-year law students are generally preoccupied with finishing school, passing the bar, and landing that first job to launch their legal careers. However, a select few are also deeply involved in charting a future course for an entire university system. That is the case for University of Houston Law Center student Ben Wells, 3L, who was appointed by Gov. Rick Perry to serve as the student representative to the UH System Board of Regents. Wells is the fifth Law Center student to serve a one-year term on the board since Perry instituted student regents in 2006.

“As a native Houstonian, I’ve seen the growth of both UH and the system universities,” Wells said. “It’s amazing to see this Tier One research powerhouse and the other system campuses that serve the diverse communities of Houston.”

As a student Regent, Wells will sit down with some of the state’s prime movers to deal with school finances, major contracts, policies, philosophies and a myriad of other issues that affect the university system now and for years to come. The position of student regent has all the responsibilities and powers of a normal regent with the exception of voting and being counted for quorum.

“Houston has been called the ‘city of the future,’ and I think that the system institutions are the ‘universities of the future,’” Wells said. “I am truly honored to be here and look forward to representing all of the UHS students.”

Wells competes on the UH Law Center Moot Court Team and is a member of the Student Bar Association and Intellectual Property Student Organization. He is also an online editor for the Houston Journal of International Law.

In addition, Wells has served as a judicial intern for the Honorable Eva Guzman of the Supreme Court of Texas and a law clerk for the Texas Attorney General’s Antitrust Section. He received his Bachelor of Science in anthropology from Southern Methodist University.