Top scholarship website JOTWELL recognizes UHLC professors' excellence

Professor Renee Knake

Assistant Professor Kellen Zale

Professor Lonny Hoffman

June 27, 2017 - Three University of Houston Law Center professors were featured on a prestigious scholarship website during the 2016-2017 academic year.

Founded in 2011, JOTWELL has become a leading venue for highlighting outstanding legal scholarship. The site features peer-selected and peer-written commentary featuring, in its editors' words, "the best in recent scholarship relating to the law."

"Having an article selected for a JOTWELL feature represents a significant reflection on the excellence of a professor's work," said Professor Dave Fagundes, who serves as UHLC's Assistant Dean for Faculty Development. "Law Center faculty members regularly produce high-profile scholarship that draws national attention, and makes important contributions to contemporary dialogues about the law.

"The regularity with which scholarship by faculty has been selected for JOTWELL is just one of many indicators of the Law Center's commitment to academic excellence."

Professor Amy Salyzyn of the University of Ottawa Faculty of Law selected Professor Renee Knake's article, "The Commercialization of Legal Ethics," for a November 2016 review in the legal profession section of JOTWELL. 

Professor Eric Biber of Berkeley Law School picked Professor Kellen Zale's article, "When Everything Is Small: The Regulatory Challenge of Scale in the Sharing Economy," in January for a feature in the lex section of JOTWELL. 

In April,  Professor Elizabeth G. Thornburg of the SMU Dedman School of Law showcased Professor Lonny Hoffman's article "Plausible Theory, Implausible Conclusions," in the courts law section of JOTWELL.

For Knake and Hoffman, it marks multiple article reviews on JOTWELL.

The 2016-2017 academic year continued a Law Center tradition of having its professors' scholarship highlighted in JOTWELL. Since the site's founding, JOTWELL editors have reviewed UHLC articles 12 times. Fagundes and Professor Jessica Roberts have each twice had articles reviewed on JOTWELL. Other Law Center faculty members whose work has been featured on the site include James Nelson and Joe Sanders.

UHLC professors also regularly contribute reviews to JOTWELL. Fagundes is a contributing editor to the intellectual property section. Hoffman has written for the courts law section. Professor Jessica Mantel is a contributing editor to the health law section. Articles published by the University of Houston Law Review have also twice been made the subject of JOTWELL features.

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