UHLC Pre-Law Pipeline Program

The UHLC Pre-Law Pipeline Program spotlights members from the inaugural class, which was held in the summer of 2015.

Adam Honeycutt

School: University of Houston
Hometown: Pflugerville, TX

I interned at the Harris County District Attorney's office and had the opportunity to see almost every aspect of their office. I learned about criminal law and the importance of the DA's relationship with the community. Show up ready to work and always be overdressed.

Natalie Diala

School: University of Miami
Hometown: Houston, Texas

My goals are to get into law school, graduate from law school, pass the bar exam, and practice in the area of law that I fall in love with. I participated in the Pipeline Scholar II track and engaged in preparation for the law school application process. I can say without a doubt that the program exponentially improved my LSAT score and allowed me to effectively navigate the application process! Come with an open mind and get ready to WORK! Don't place ANY limits on yourself. This could be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life, if you allow it to be.

Gabrielle Lee

School: University of Houston- Bauer College of Business
Hometown: Midland, TX

I wish to serve as general counsel for a major company handling transactions or practice IP law. This summer I interned for the 183rd District Court of Texas. The experience was overwhelming to say the very least. I was able to observe the process of criminal court, discuss the judicial system in one-on-one conversations with Judge Vanessa Velasquez, and talk about social issues with defense attorneys. My favorite part was being able to advise some of the criminals on how to handle their case with their attorney. Though practicing criminal law was not an interest of mine, this internship opened my eyes to possibilities in the future. Along with this internship, I was working for CBRE Capital Markets and for Urban Living Housing. I recently received certification in stock trading (from the Academy of Financial Trading) and Entrepreneurship (Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship). I also received the Ted Bauer Business scholarship at the Bauer College. In preparation for this program, I would recommend that future students apply early, clear out their summer schedules, and prepare their minds for an eye-opening experience.

Daniel Henry

School: University of Houston
Hometown: Houston, Texas

The UHLC Pre-Law Pipeline Program provides a myriad of internship opportunities that allow you to experience other legal fields that you may have an interest in.  This summer I participated in the UHLC Pre-Law Pipeline Program and interned with Judge R.K. Sandill. I'd like to become a lawyer and help fight the injustices in the criminal justice system. In order to prepare yourself for the program, my advice to you is to come ready to read, to learn a lot, and to expect to enjoy your summer experience.

Jordyn Simmons

School: Barnard College of Columbia University
Hometown: Houston, Texas

“Following my undergraduate degree, I plan on pursuing a J.D. and become a practicing lawyer. This past summer I participated in the UHLC Pre-Law Pipeline Program where I learned that law school is the best option for me after I earn my undergraduate degree. During the program, I interned for Judge Ravi Sandill, where I gained insight in working as both a law clerk and a judge. Following the Pipeline Program, I got a job to prepare for my junior year of college. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone who is considering law school. In preparation for the program I would say to read a lot and take classes that require you to read and write response papers.”

Rosie Marie Palomino

Rosie Marie PalaminoSchool: Fresno Pacific University
Hometown: Kingburg, California

“I hope to become an attorney, although I’m not sure what area of law yet. Last summer, I traveled out of California for the first time. I met some amazing, motivated, brilliant students at the UHLC Pre-Law Pipeline Program. I also had the opportunity to be an intern at the 183rd District Court in Harris County, Texas. Judge Vanessa Velasquez shared a bit of her background. I discovered that she and I had something in common: we were both raised by our grandmothers! After completing the UHLC Pre-Law Pipeline Program, I have decided I want to pursue a post-graduate education. I plan to be a well-educated woman. I plan to earn my J.D. and rise above the poverty I grew up in. So I am adjusting my career goals. I am adding the goal of graduating from law school and becoming an attorney.
After coming back home to California, I returned to caring for my grandmother. After graduating with an associate’s degree in administration of Justice in May 2015, I finally received my diploma in August. That same month, I began attending Fresno Pacific University, where I am pursuing a bachelor’s degree in criminology with an emphasis on restorative justice. I plan to graduate in December 2016.”

Robert Jackson

Anthony CollierSchool: New York University
Hometown: Houston, Texas

“I hope to become a professional actor, activist and motivational speaker.
Last summer I participated in the International Theatre Workshop in Amsterdam for seven weeks.
Recently, I was featured in the July 2015 Edition of ‘Essence’ magazine as a Mentor for the Disney Dreamer’s Academy with Steve Harvey and Essence Magazine and in December 2015, was selected as one of NYU’s Most Influential students.”

Jennifer Luna

Jennifer LunaSchool: University of Arizona
Hometown: Chandler, Arizona

“My career goals include graduating undergrad from the University of Arizona with a B.A. in Law. The University of Arizona is the only school in the country that offers Law as an undergraduate degree, which I’m extremely proud to be a part of. I plan to attend law school to obtain my Juris Doctorate which from then I can go on to fulfill my lifelong dream of becoming a criminal prosecutor. For the summer of 2015, I was accepted to participate in the University of Houston Law Center Pre-Law Pipeline program, which I took two weeks of law school classes, two weeks of LSAT prep, and two weeks of an internship. My internship was with Judge Belinda Hill, in Harris County, Houston. I then was able to sit in on many trials, including capital murder, misdemeanors, juvenile, CPS, and also got to witness an autopsy.”

Anthony Collier

Anthony CollierSchool: Texas Southern University
Hometown: Manor, Texas

"This past summer, I participated the Pre-Law program at the University of Houston law Center. I interned with Bracewell & Giuliani. I toured Georgetown and Howard University’s Law Schools in Washington D.C. I organized marches and protests to raise awareness about Sandra Bland. I taught a bi-monthly class free of charge to the Third Ward community every other Wednesday evening at the Wesley AME Church on Dowling Street with the organization I co-founded called the Southern Student Leadership Association. I am a radio host at KCOH. I have a show that broadcasts over Houston, Galveston, and all surrounding areas every Saturday morning called 'Leaders of the New School.' In August, I joined the NAACP 'Justice Tour' with the NAACP to register people to vote in Atlanta, Georgia.

This summer the Washington Government Relations Group Foundation awarded me the 2015 Terri Grier Memorial Scholarship for the work I have been doing in my community. My career goal is to become a United States Senator."