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Summer 2020 Schedule

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Semester Section# Course# Course Name Professor Time Room
Summer I 16914 5297 Admiralty Environmental and Insurance Claims
ENGERRAND 6:00p-8:45p TH  
Summer I 18731 5297 Criminal Trial Process
BRALEY 6:00p-9:00p TH  
Summer II 14538 5357 Evidence
GOMEZ 6:00P-8:45P MTW  
Summer II 15465 5385 Introduction to the Laws of European Union
WILLIS 6:00p-8:45p MTW  
Summer II 18183 6257 Legal Negotiations
LAWRENCE/JONES 6:00p-8:45p M,T  
Summer II 18772 6347 Secured Financing
DOLE 6:00P-8:45P MTW  
Summer II 15851 5378 Statutory Interpretation and Regulation
BUSH 6:00P-8:45P MTW  
Summer IV 15849 5303 Criminal Law
KAUFMAN 6:00P-8:45P MTW  
Summer IV 18182 5200 Depositions
DAW 6:00p-8:48p M,T  
Summer IV 16405 5361 Financial Statement Analysis and Business Practices for Lawyers
BRENNAN 6:00P-8:45P MTW  
Summer IV 15669 6321 Professional Responsibility