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Spring 2014
6323 Space Law - DULA- 18992

Professor(s): Arthur Dula (ADJUNCT)

Credits: 3

Course Areas: International Law 

Time: 10:30a-12:00p  TTh  Location: TUII-215 

Course Outline: This three hour course surveys the development of space law and policy
from the 1930's to evolving law for the International Space Station and
future exploration and settlement of the solar system. Topics include:
International Space Law (multinational and bilateral treaties, and the
common international law of space); National Space Law (US, Russian,
European, Japanese and Chinese); and the space policy of the United
States. US national space law is covered in detail, with specific
attention to the NASA Act, FCC jurisdiction and control of
communications satellites, FAA licensing of private launch services and
policy issues related to remote sensing and the military use of space.
Specific issues of patent, securities, tort and contract law are
addressed in relation to current and future business activities in outer
space. Special topics include national regulation of space tourism and
private space facilities, the law regulation commercial use of space, the
moon and asteroid resources, and technology export control law.

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First Day Assignments:

read the United Nations treaties and principles on space law, including General Assembly resolutions adopting declarations and legal principles. This comprises five treaties and five resolutions. The students must outline these documents so they can discuss them in class.

Final Exam Schedule: 05/01 9am-Noon  3 BLB    

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