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Spring 2015
5408 Property - BRAY- 12412

Professor(s): Zachary Bray (DEPARTED)

Credits: 4

Course Areas: 1st Year - Section A 

Time: 10:30a-11:50a   MWF  Location: 144  TUII

Course Outline: This course will cover the rights, powers, and duties of property owners; what makes these rights, powers, and duties distinctive; and how they are created, transferred, changed, and destroyed. In addition, the first-year Property course serves as an introduction to a host of subsequent upper-level courses of study, including but not limited to land use, natural resources, trusts and estates, real estate transactions, and intellectual property.

Course Syllabus: Syllabus

Course Notes:   


First Day Assignments: Assignment 1 (first class). Casebook 3-18.
Assignment 2 (second class). Casebook 18-26 (through the end of note #4); 30-31; 33-35; Website Reading #1; Casebook 36-39; 46-50.

Website Reading 1

Final Exam Schedule: 05/08/15 9am-1pm  240 BLB  213 BLB  

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Satisfies Skills Course Requirement: No
Satisfies Senior Upper Level Writing Requirement: No

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