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Spring 2015
5488 Constitutional Law - RAVE- 12422

Professor(s): D. Theodore Rave (FACULTY)

Credits: 4

Course Areas: 1st Year - Section A 

Time: TTH 10:30a-11:50a  W 1:00p-2:20p  Location: 144  TUII

Course Outline: This introductory course will cover the text of the United States Constitution, the power of judicial review over federal and state legislation, and the scope of (and limitations on) the federal government’s power via sources such as commerce, spending, taxing, war and enforcement sections of the post Civil War amendments. It will cover constitutional constraints on the allocation of federal power amongst the executive, legislative and judicial branches. Individual rights guaranteed by the Constitution will also be addressed, including rights to free speech and religious freedom under the first amendment, as well as rights such as due process and equal protection created or incorporated by the 14th amendment. The course will also briefly consider the treatment of Indians, immigrants and territories under the Constitution.

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Final Exam Schedule: Take home  144 TU2    

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