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Why was it important for Jackson Walker to become involved with the Law Center’s Pre-Law Pipeline Program?

Jackson Walker really believes in the vision and mission of the Pre-Law Pipeline Program, which aligns with the firm’s own commitment of supporting the growth and advancement of diverse attorneys. And as UHLC alum, myself and Luke Gilman, my co-coordinator of JW’s participation in the Pipeline Program, feel connected to the Law Center and enjoy being able to give back to the law school through the coordination of the firm’s support in the Pipeline Program.

What does it mean to you to be able to make an impact on the life of an aspiring attorney?

It is a privilege to be in a position to be able to make any impact on the life of an aspiring attorney, particularly one who may have not had access to law school opportunities. The process of preparing for, applying to, and thriving in law school is not easy for most people who go through the experience, but it is definitely harder for some more than others. It is imperative that those in a position to reach back, do so, as it will only improve the character and the makeup of our legal profession.

In your opinion, why does the legal profession need to be more diverse?

The legal profession needs to reflect the communities it serves. No one should feel that a profession is off-limits or unattainable to that person but one can feel that way if you have never known or seen anyone who looks like you in that profession. Further, it is imperative to the quality of the development of the law that legal practitioners reflect a diversity of racial and ethnic background, religion, culture, thought, sexual orientation and identity, etc. because of the far-reaching impact the law has on all of our lives.

How has a legal education from the Law Center made an impact on your life?

I began my career at Jackson Walker after graduating from the Law Center. I know the Law Center and the wealth of experiences I gained while a student have greatly contributed to the type of legal career I have been able to develop at Jackson Walker.

Are there any other diversity initiatives at Jackson Walker?

Jackson Walker has really stepped up its DEI focus in the last few years. In 2020, we began to concentrate our DEI efforts on listening, learning and engaging with one another to build greater understanding among all persons in our firm while establishing pillars of success aimed to support the growth and advance of diverse attorneys.