Briefs and Sample Pleadings

Amicus Brief 1

Amicus Brief 2

Amicus Brief 3

Amicus Brief 4

Amicus Brief 5

Amicus Brief 6

Amicus Brief 7

Amicus Brief 8

Amicus Brief relating to Niz-Chavez (Amicus Invitation 21-20-07)

Opening Brief in W-Y-C- & H-O-B- in Fifth Circuit

Sample Mandamus Complaint

Sample TRO Memorandum of Law

Sample Motion for Order to Show Cause

Sample Habeas Petition

Sample Petition for Review

Sample Joint Motion to Dismiss

Sample Brief before the EOIR (Immigration Court)

Sample Motion to Terminate based on US citizenship

Sample Supplemental Brief regarding US Citizenship

Sample Petition for Review (relating to denial of motion to reopen)

Sample Notice of Unlawful Deportation

Sample Habeas Petition regarding Unlawful Deportation

Materials on Prosecutorial Discretion

Public Law Center's Cert. Petition on Niz-Chavez Jurisdiction Issue