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Mike  Koehler

FCPA Professor



Mike Koehler

Visiting Professor

Professor Mike Koehler is a leading expert on the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and related laws. His expertise and views are informed by a decade of FCPA practice experience at a leading international law firm during which he conducted FCPA investigations around the world, negotiated resolutions to FCPA enforcement actions with government enforcement agencies, and advised clients on FCPA compliance and risk assessment. His FCPA insights are further informed by having read and analyzed: the FCPA's entire legislative history, every FCPA enforcement action, every FCPA judicial decision, and other information and sources of guidance relevant to the FCPA.

Professor Koehler has testified before Congress on the FCPA and runs the website FCPA Professor (described as the "Wall Street Journal concerning all things FCPA related"). Leading law reviews, journals and other publications have published Professor Koehler’s scholarship (all of his writings can be downloaded here) and he is also a frequent featured source on the FCPA and related topics in various media including the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Washington Post, The Financial Times, Reuters, The Economist, Time, National Public Radio, CNN, BBC, and Al Jazerra.

In addition to being an FCPA expert, Professor Koehler is a dynamic teacher who uses multiple learning devices to convey information, practical skills, and provoke thought.

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