Call for Papers - IURIS TANTUM (posted 10/25/2021)

Upcoming Bar Skills Workshops (posted 09/19/2022)
Planning to take the Bar in February 2022? Join Professors Megan Davis and Laurel Simmons at their upcoming skills sessions: 10/11 (MBE); 10/18 (Essays); 10/25 (MPT); 11/1(Q&A); 11/3 (FLLM Q&A).

Research Assistant Needed for Professor Dow (posted 09/12/2022)
Professor D.R. Dow is looking for a research assistant to work on a First Amendment project focusing on defamation....

Health Law Legislative Fellow Positions (posted 09/12/2022)
The Health Law & Policy Institute seeks applicants for the Health Law Legislative Fellowship. Applications open through September 30 on Symplicity.

The Legal Writing Fellows are here to help you! (posted 09/12/2022)
The Legal Writing Fellows (Fellows) are here to help you! Please keep reading to learn how the Fellows can help you this academic year.

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2022 Fall Exam Numbers (posted 08/19/2022)
2022 Fall Exam Numbers are available online. To access your exam number you will need to go to; click on the "What is my exam number? " to login.

2022 Fall Important Dates and Deadlines (posted 08/08/2022)
Please make sure that you are aware of the following Fall dates and deadlines. Missing these dates and/or deadlines may have severe consequences that cannot be reversed.

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10/21/2022 Registration Now Open for 2022-2023 UHLC Professional Mentoring Program
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