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Global law and policy expert available to discuss Mexico's First Female President and North American Relations

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University of Houston Law Center Professor Elizabeth Trujillo

The historic election of Mexico's first female president, Claudia Sheinbaum, may also be a pivotal moment for North America, according to UHLC Professor Elizabeth Trujillo. Sheinbaum is climate scientist and Mexico City’s former mayor. She will take office on October 1.

University of Houston Law Center Professor Elizabeth Trujillo says, “This is a game changer in terms of North American relations” and notes five areas to watch:

  1. Morena party influence: “With this landslide election of President Sheinbaum in Mexico, not only is she the first woman President in Mexico, beating the US in electing a woman President, her election marks a surprising majority for the Morena party, with full control of the federal government, solidifying Morena’s influence in Mexican politics over the previous PRI and PAN prior leading parties.”
  2. Expansion of executive authority: “It’s an opportunity for President Lopez Obrador to take advantage of his legislative authority in the next 4 months up to Pres. Elect Sheinbaum’s inauguration in October, to implement important policy changes, policy changes in line with the so-called Fourth Transformation Plan…which may lead to expanding executive authority at the expense of democratic institutions.”
  3. USMCA renewal in 2026: “There are several pending USMCA consultations and/or disputes btw US and Mexico, including on energy and genetically modified organisms, and the upcoming Executive Order by President Biden which intends to tighten border controls for immigration from Mexico.  At the same time, while focused on the well-being of the poor, Pres. Sheinbaum also seems to be committed to clean energy programs and open to foreign investment and nearshoring.”
  4. GDP deficit: “If President-elect Sheinbaum is to address Mexico’s 5.2% of GDP deficit and slower economic growth, it will need revenue sources other than higher taxes or sacrificing its social programs that helped bring her to power, including following through on her promise for promoting clean energy projects, updating the promotion of nearshoring.  This will require a strong USMCA for Mexico.”
  5. U.S. Presidential Election: “As the US has watched this election closely, Mexico and Canada, both members of the CP-Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, will also be keeping a close eye on the results of the US elections in November.”

Trujillo is the Founding Director of the Initiative on Global Law and Policy for the Americas at the University of Houston. Her research focuses on international law and trade.

Professor Trujillo is available for interviews. If you are interested in speaking with her, please contact Carrie Anna Criado, UH Law Center Assistant Dean of Communications and Marketing,, or Bonnie Buffaloe, UH Law Center Communications Manager,

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