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The University of Houston Law Center is the leading center for legal education and study in the energy capital of the world. The UH Law Center’s location provides a unique perspective and opportunity for leadership in environmental and energy law and policy. The Law Center has made a commitment to show this leadership. The school's dynamic environmental faculty contributes greatly to the nation's understanding of complex environmental laws and regulations, and the school continues to attract outstanding students, outside scholars, and resources for the advancement and study of environmental and energy law.

The Energy & Environmental Law Society (EELS) at the University of Houston promotes sound environmental policies that balance economic needs with the need to protect natural resources, wildlife, and water, soil, and air quality.  EELS members make a personal commitment to protect our environment through recycling, energy conservation, education, and community service.

EELS has the following goals:

EELS is only available to University of Houston Law Center Students (1L, 2L, 3L, and LLM).