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Summer Mini 2022

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Upper Level Writing Classes
Courses that satisfy the Upper Level Writing Requirement have an indicator of either WRC or WRS. 3L students have priority in registration for these classes. Show More

A WRS class (a "Writing Seminar") is a traditional seminar. Students in a Writing Seminar must complete a paper that is original and demonstrates the student's research and writing skills. Regardless of credit hours, the final version of the paper must be at least 10,000 words, including footnotes. Instructors may require longer papers.

A WRC class (a "Writing Course") is one in which students must complete several kinds of practical writing assignments. These may be expository exercises (e.g., drafting client letters, research memoranda, court documents, and short articles similar to those that appear in bar journals) or transactional or litigation drafting assignments (e.g., contracts and other business agreements, wills or other estate planning instruments, pleadings, and discovery documents). Assignments must be no more than 2,500 words each, when feasible. Instructors have discretion over the kind and number of assignments students complete; however, students must complete at least 5,000 words of writing over the course of the semester. Show Less.

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Full Summer Schedule

Section # Course Professor Time Room Course Area
15455 5341 Disabilities & the Law
ROBERTS 10:00a-1:15p MTWTHF


Health Law
12653 6217 Negotiation and Creative Problem Solving


Law And Society/ Interdisciplinary
15454 5355 Oil & Gas Law


Energy, Natural Resources and Environmental Law
15453 5297 The Current Crisis in the Middle East
FOTEH 3:00p-4:45p MTWTHF

215 TUII

International Law
13414 6220 Trademark Prosecution
HUNT AsynchDistanceEd 


Intellectual Property and Information Law
12878 5339 Trusts & Wills
FAGUNDES 10:00a-1:15p MTWTH


Real Property, Trusts and Estates