Spring 2019
6227 Oil & Gas Pipeline Regulation - JOHNSON/NEAL- 14086

Professor(s): Brant Johnson (ADJUNCT)
Diane Neal (ADJUNCT)

Credits: 2

Course Areas: Energy, Natural Resources and Environmental Law 

Time: CANCELLED    Location:  

Course Outline: The increased demand for electric power generation and the development of shale gas plays in the United States have created a need for additional domestic pipeline infrastructure for natural gas pipelines and oil/condensate pipelines. At the same time, pipeline development and operation is receiving increased scrutiny and opposition from regulators and non-governmental organizations opposed to climate change and environmental impacts or concerned with pipeline safety. This course will provide an overview of the principal substantive laws and regulatory mechanisms that govern the construction and operation of oil and natural gas pipelines including the Interstate Commerce Act, Natural Gas Act, the National Environmental Policy Act, Clean Water Act, Pipeline Safety Act, and Endangered Species Act among others. This course will be taught using statutes, court cases, and agency decisions assembled by Professor Johnson; these course reading materials will be made available through the Associate Dean's office prior to the first day of class.

Course Syllabus: Syllabus revised 11/2/18

Course Notes: This is an LL.M class, and JD students may register, if space is available.   


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Satisfies Senior Upper Level Writing Requirement: No

Experiential Course Type: No

Bar Course: No

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Course Materials (11/2/2018 8:54:12 AM)

No book required for this course

Course materials will be a selection of statutes, regulations and cases provided by the professors via email or in hard copy.