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University of Houston Law Center and University of Calgary Faculty of Law
International Energy Lawyers Program (IELP)
Dual Degree JD Program

Introduction - The International Energy Lawyers Program (IELP) is a dual program sponsored by the University of Houston Law Center and the University of Calgary Faculty of Law. The program allows participating law students to earn both American and Canadian law degrees in 4 years. Students will spend two years at each school and take courses that will enable them to apply for admission to bars in the United States and Canada.

Through the IELP, Law students will learn to analyze complex emerging issues in energy and environmental sectors and earn degrees in U.S. and Canada. The driving force behind the International Energy Lawyers Program is a shared commitment to natural resources, energy and environmental law. The University of Calgary and the University of Houston Law Center each enjoy international reputations as leading law schools in these areas and Houston and Calgary are leading energy centers. This collaboration is unique given its specialization in energy law.

Admissions – Interested students are encouraged to communicate their interest in the dual degree program during the admissions process or after receiving an acceptance to one of the partner schools. While it is not necessary to apply to both programs simultaneously, an early expression of interest will assist the college’s advisor in providing course guidance.

Requirements – To be eligible to apply to the IELP, students must have completed the required first-year program and earn a cumulative GPA that places them in the top half of the class.  Students should apply to the program before beginning their second year and must receive formal approval from the advisor at the home school. Students then complete a current application for the dual university and all other requirements to be admitted as a law student. The completed application for each student shall be sent to the host law school, along with a letter of recommendation from the advisor.

The host law school will review the application promptly and, in principle, accept the student unless there is an appropriate reason for rejecting the applicant. Students will complete their second year of law school at their first school and years 3 and 4 at the partner school. Working closely with the advisor, students will receive guidance to ensure that they take all courses at each school required for graduation.

Note – If students are interested in the program later in their legal education, they should schedule an appointment with the advisor at their respective school to discuss the degree requirements.

Required Courses – Each university has specific courses that students must complete to receive a degree from the respective law school. Some courses must be taken in residence at the particular law school, while others may be taken at either college. See the attached course breakdown for each school and also a suggested degree plan.

Fees & Expenses – Dual degree students shall pay tuition and other related fees to the school at which they are taking classes. UHLC students can secure their financial aid through UH.

Academic Credit – UHLC will accept up to 30 hours of credit from Calgary towards the UHLC 90-credit degree. Calgary will accept up to 30 hours from UHLC towards the Calgary 98-credit degree.

For more information, please e-mail us at or please call 713.743.2280.

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