Page 2 - John M. O’Quinn Law Building Dedication Booklet
P. 2

The Power of Legal Education

     Has a New Home

     University of


     Law Center

     John M. O’Quinn

     Law Building

     The ultramodern nearly $93
     million John M. O’Quinn Law
     Building was designed by the
     women-owned architecture
     firm, Shepley Bulfinch. The five-
     story, cantilevered building has
     dedicated spaces for instruction,
     research, legal clinics and
     events. At approximately
     180,000 square feet, the facility
     includes a multi-level library, a
     meditation room, a courtroom,
     commuter showers with
     changing rooms, an outdoor
     terrace, student lounges,
     an advocacy skills lab and a
     contactless convenience store.

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