How to Research NAFTA Issues:
A Selective Bibliographic Checklist
Timothy F. Mulligan

Last updated 02/09/2010 by Saskia Mehlhorn

                    This is a guide for researching NAFTA issues at the University of Houston.  It is a selective bibliography organized loosely around suggested research steps.

                    Instructions for finding each listed item accompany that item.  All books and journals are followed by Library of Congress call numbers (or, in the case of U.S. government documents, Superintendent of Documents numbers) plus location information on the older sources. Since NAFTA is also a business issue, many NAFTA resources will be found at the M.D. Anderson Library, our main campus library, which collects business materials.

                    Print materials listed in this guide and not available in the O’Quinn Law Library, can be obtained at other libraries within the UH system, or through interlibrary loan.

                    The Web version of this guide, in addition to printing URL's beside recommended Web sites, also links to the sites.  It is assumed that users know how to access WESTLAW and LEXIS-NEXIS.  "WESTLAW: NAFTA," for example, refers to the NAFTA database in WESTLAW.  "LEXIS: INTLAW;NAFTA" refers to the NAFTA file in the INTLAW library, both of which can be found through LEXIS-NEXIS.  "LEXIS: MEXICO" recommends the entire MEXICO library of files in LEXIS-NEXIS.

Marshall your primary sources
      NAFTA text
        NAFTA legislation, drafting history, and subsequent history
        GATT, Uruguay Round
        Treaty resources
        United States legislative information
Establish a frame of reference (Get a clue!)
        Treatises and monographs
        International law
Use other people's research
      Research guides
Focus your research
      International trade
        Journals devoted to NAFTA, international trade, and international law in general
        World Wide Web sites
        NAFTA mailing lists on the Internet
Define a search within a broader context
        Catalogs and indexes
        World Wide Web search engines
Surprise yourself
        Bibliographies and other gateways
        Codigos, leyes, etc.
        Judicial decisions
        Law journals and news
        Bibliographies and other gateways
        Judicial decisions
        Law journals and news


Marshall your primary sources

NAFTA texts

1.        32 International Legal Materials 289 (1993).  K9.N87

2.        North American Free Trade Agreements (James R. Holbein & Donald J. Musch, eds.).  KDZ944.A4

3.        WESTLAW: NAFTA


5.        NAFTA and related documents

NAFTA legislation, drafting history, and subsequent history

6.        North American Free Trade Agreement Implementation Act, Pub. L. 103-182, 107 Stat. 2057 (1993).  United States Statutes at LargeKF50.A2

7.        Bernard D. Reams, Jr., and Jon S. Schultz, The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) : documents and materials including a legislative history of the North American Free Trade Agreement Implementation Act : Public Law 103-182 (1994).  KDZ944.A41992R43 1994


9.        Office of the U.S. Trade Representative, NAFTA works for America: administration update on the North American Free Trade Agreement, 1993-1998 (1999). ANDERSON/US DOCUMENTS PREX 9.2:B 76

10.       President's comprehensive review of the NAFTA : hearing before the Subcommittee on Trade of the Committee on Ways and Means, House of Representatives, 105th Cong., 1st Sess., September 11, 1997 (1999).  ANDERSON/US DOCUMENTS Y 4.W 36:105-58

11.        Report card on NAFTA : Hearing before the House Subcommittees on International Economic Policy and Trade of the Committee on International Relations, 105th Cong., 1st Sess. (1997).   ANDERSON/US DOCUMENTS   Y 4.IN 8/16:N 81/4

12.      President William Jefferson Clinton, Study on the operation and effects of the North American Free Trade Agreement (1997).  LAW/DOCUMENTS   PREX 1.2:N 82/3

13.    WESTLAW: NAFTA-BIP  [Binational Panel decisions.]

14.     LEXIS: NAFDEC  [Binational Panel decisions.]

GATT, Uruguay Round

Final agreement and legislation

15.   33 International legal materials 1125 (1994). K9.N87


17.   Uruguay Round Agreements Act, Pub. L. 103-465, 108 Stat. 4809 (1995).  United States Statutes at Large. KF50.A2

18.   WTO:  Official Documents and Legal Texts.

19.   WTO/GATT.

20.   General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (Organization), Basic instruments and selected documentsANDERSON/GENERAL COLL  K4602 .B37x Suppl

21.    Stephen Zamora & Ronald A. Brand, eds., Basic documents of international economic law (1990) [also available on LEXIS: INTLAW;BDIEL]. JX1252.B37 1990

Treaty resources

22.    United States treaties and other international agreements. LAW/FOREIGN-INTL  JX236   1950.A22

23.    Treaties and other international acts series. KZ235.3.U55


25.    United States treaty index : 1776-1990 consolidation. KZ235.U53

26.    Current Treaty IndexKZ235.U54

27.    U.S. Department of State Dispatch [also available as an electronic resource through the library catalog].  JX 232.U54

28.    International Legal Materials [also available on Hein Online].  K9.N87


30.    OAS - Foreign Trade Information System.

United States legislative information

31.    U.S. Code Congressional and Administrative News.   KF63.U5

32.    Congressional Information Service ("CIS") [print indexes not available after 1999; use]. KF49.C62

33.    THOMAS: Legislative Information on the Internet.

Establish a frame of reference (Get a clue!)


34.    Jerry Martin Rosenberg, Encyclopedia of the North American Free Trade Agreement, the new american community, and Latin-American trade (1995).  ANDERSON HC94 .R668 1995

Treatises and monographs

35.    Barry Appleton, Navigating NAFTA: A concise user's guide to the North American Free Trade Agreement (1994). KDZ944.A41992 A66 1994

36.    Deborah Barndt, Women working the NAFTA food chain : women, food and globalization (1999).  ANDERSON/GENERAL COLL. HD6073.F72 N78 1999

37.    Stephen Blank,  Making NAFTA work : U.S. firms and the new North American business environment (1998). ANDERSON/GENERAL COLL   HF1746 .B58 1998

38.    Maxwell A. Cameron & Brian W. Tomlin,  The making of NAFTA : how the deal was done (2000).   ANDERSON/GENERAL COLL HF1746 .C33 2000.

39.    Michael Dreiling, Solidarity and contention : the politics of security and sustainability in the NAFTA conflict (2001).  ANDERSON/GENERAL COLL  HF1731 .D74 2001

40.    Ralph H. Folsom, NAFTA in a nutshell(1999).  KDZ944.A41992F468 1999

41.    Leslie Alan Glick, Understanding the North American Free Trade Agreement (2d ed. 1994).  ANDERSON/GENERAL COLL  KDZ944.A41992 G58 1994

42.    Jerry Haar & Krishnan Dandapani, Banking in North America: NAFTA and beyond (1999).  ANDERSON/GENERAL COLL. HG2398.B36 1999

43.    Barbara Hogenboom, Mexico and the NAFTA environment debate: the transnational politics of economic integration (1998).  ANDERSON/GENERAL COLL HF1776 .H65 1998

44.    Gary Clyde Hufbauer, et al.  NAFTA and the environment : seven years later (2000).  ANDERSON/GENERAL COLL  HF1746 .N3312 2000

45.    Gary Clyde Hufbauer & Jeffrey J. Schott, NAFTA: An assessment (1993). ANDERSON/GENERAL COLL   HF3211.H83 1993

46.    Gary Clyde Hufbauer & Jeffrey J. Schott, North American Free Trade: Issues and Recommendations (1992).  LAW/STACKS HF3211.H84 1992

47.    Ann E. Kingsolver, NAFTA stories : fears and hopes in Mexico and the United States (2001).  ANDERSON/GENERAL COLL HF1746 .K56 2001

48.    Alan S. Lederman, The NAFTA Guide: How NAFTA will affect you and your business (1995).  ANDERSON/GENERAL COLL  KDZ944.A41992L43 1995

49.    Luis Malpica de Lamadrid, El sistema mexicano contra practicas desleales de comercio internacional y el Tratado de Libre Comercio de America del Norte (1996).  KGF4827.M35 1996

50.    Frederick Mayer, Interpreting NAFTA : the science and art of political analysis. (1998).  ANDERSON/GENERAL COLL   HF1746 .M338 1998

51.    Joseph A. McKinney, Created from NAFTA : the structure, function, and significance of the treaty's related  institutions (2000).  ANDERSON/GENERAL COLL   KDZ945.A41992 M37 2000

52.    NAFTA law and business (Ralph H. Folsom & W. Davis Folsom, eds., 1999 - ).  KDZ944.A41992N36

53.    NAFTA revisited: expectations and realities (Paul Rich & Guillermo de los Reyes, eds.1997).  ANDERSON/GENERAL COLL   H1 .A4 v. 550

54.    Loretta Ortiz Ahlf, Aspectos juridicos del tratado de libre comercio de America del Norte y sus acuerdos paralelos (1998).  KDZ944.O78 1998

55.    The post-NAFTA political economy: Mexico and the Western Hemisphere (Carol Wise, ed., 1998).  ANDERSON/GENERAL COLL HC135 .P715 1998

56.    Jimmie V. Reyna, Passport to North American Trade: Rules of origin and customs procedures under NAFTA (1995). KDZ949.O74 R49 1995

57.    Maryse Robert, Negotiating NAFTA : explaining the outcome in culture, textiles, autos, and pharmaceuticals (2000). ANDERSON HF1746 b.R62 2000

58.    Seymour J. Rubin, Nafta and Investment (1995).  ANDERSON/GENERAL COLL   KDZ944.A4 1992 N34 1995

59.    Alan Rugman, John Kirton & Julie Soloway, Environmental regulations and corporate strategy : a NAFTA perspective (1999). ANDERSON KDZ670.R84 1999

60.    Trading punches: Trade remedy law and disputes under NAFTA (Beatriz Leycegui, William B.P. Robson, and S. Dahlia Stein, eds., 1995).   ANDERSON   KF6708.D8 T7 1995

61.    Sidney Weintraub,  NAFTA at three: a progress report (1997).  ANDERSON   HF1746.W438 1997

International law

62.    Encyclopedia of public international law. KZ1160.E52 1992

63.    Restatement (3d) of the foreign relations law of the United States [also available on WESTLAW: REST-FOREL, and on LEXIS: INTLAW;FORREL].  KF395.A2F672

64.    Mark W. Janis, An introduction to international law (1988).  LAW/FOREIGN-INTL   KZ3140.J36 1988

65.    Thomas Buergenthal, Public international law in a nutshell (1990).  LAW/RESERVE   JX3091.B84 1990

Use other people's research

Research guides

66.    NAFTA Research Guide. Provided by the Harvard Law Library

67.    Research Guides:  NAFTA. Provided by Duke Law Library

68.    WTO/Gatt Research.

69.    Claire M. Germain, Germain's transnational law research: A guide for attorneys (1995).    K85.G47

70.    Guide to international legal research (2008).  KZ1234.G85 2008



71.    Allan Metz, A NAFTA bibliography (1996). ANDERSON/GENERAL COLL  KDZ944.A12 M48 1996

72.    Alejandro Posadas, Closer Borders: Investment and Law in Mexico After the NAFTA.  A Bibliography with an Index, 6 Duke J. Comp. & Int'l L. 371 (1996).  K4 .U536 

73.    B.J. Zangari, NAFTA: Issues, industry sector profiles and bibliography (1994).  ANDERSON/GENERAL COLL   HF3211 .N348 1994

74.    Francisco Avalos, NAFTA Primary and Secondary Sources: A Selective Bibliography, 10 Ariz. J. Int'l & Comp. L. 201 (1993).  K1 .R48 


75.    Handbook of North American industry : NAFTA and the economies of its member nations (1998 - ).  ANDERSON/REFERENCE HF1746 .H36 1999


76.    Select Bibliography: Uruguay Round Issues, 18 Brook. J. Int'l L 197 (1992).  K2.R67 

77.    Peter M. Kelly & Judy Moore Melton, Select Bibliography: the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, 25 Tex. Int'l L.J. 317 (1990).  K24 .E93 


78.   Lyonette Louis-Jacques, Researching the U.S. - Canada Free Trade Agreement, 18 Int'l J. Legal Info. 17 (1990). K9 .N8497 

Focus your research

International trade

79.    International trade reporter [also available on LEXIS: ITRADE;INTRAD].   KF1975 .A8I572

80.    Investment laws of the worldK1112.A48

81.    Commercial laws of the worldK1004.C65

82.    Digest of commercial laws of the world. K1005.4.D54




Journals devoted to NAFTA, international trade, and international law in general


87.    NAFTA: Law and business review of the Americas [available on WESTLAW: NAFTALBRA].

88.    United States - Mexico law journal. K25 .N586

89.    The transnational lawyerK24 .R356

90.    World trade and arbitration materials. K27.O767

91.    The international lawyer [also available on LEXIS: INTLAW;INTLAW, and on WESTLAW: INTLLAW].  K9.N86

92.    American Journal of International Law [also available on LEXIS: INTLAW;AJIL].  K1.M454

World Wide Web sites

93.    NAFTA Secretariat.

94.    Office for the Study of U.S.-Mexico Trade and North American Free Trade Agreement Information Center

95.    NAFTA Customs Web Site. 

96.    TAMU NAFTA Website.

97.    Organization of American States - Trade Unit

98.    The United States International Trade Commission Home Page

99.    United States Trade Representative's Home Page

100.   World Trade Organization Homepage

101.   Lex Mercatoria

102.   Researching International Economic Law

103.   NACLE Web Resources.

Define a search within a broader context

Catalogs and indexes

104.   University of Houston Library Catalog

105.   The Library of Congress Online Catalog

106.   Academic Law Libraries.

107.    Books in Print [also available on WESTLAW:BIP]. Z1215 .P972

108.    GPO Access



111.    Current Law Index [also available as the Legal Resource Index on WESTLAW:  LRI and on LEXIS: LAWREV;LGLIND, and as INFOTRAC at dedicated workstations on the main level of the law library].

112.    Index to Legal PeriodicalsLAW/INDEX TABLE

World Wide Web search engines

113.    Google.

114.    dogpile.

115.    Clusty.

116.    Northernlight.

117.    MetaCrawler.

118.    Hotbot.

119.   AltaVista.

Surprise yourself

120.    Browse K1000's to K2400 and KDZ 940's in the foreign and international area of the law library, KF1900's and KF6600 to KF6700's on the main floor of the law library, and HF1746 in the M.D. Anderson Library.

121.    Do a "journal run" on any of the above journals (##77-83).  Find a journal highly relevant to your topic, and scan each issue's table of contents.


122.    LEXIS: LEGIS;NAFTA [North American Free Trade Agreement Hotfile.]

123.    Shepard's Law Review Citations. LAW/SHEPARD TABLE



126.    "Treaty Actions," in UN Treaty Collection.

127.    "Treaties and Nominations," in Congressional IndexKF49 .C6 LAW/RESERVE


Bibliographies and other gateways

128.    Jorge A. Vargas, Mexican Law for the American Lawyer (2009).   KGF327.V37 2009

129.    "Mexico," in Thomas H. Reynolds & Arturo A. Flores, Foreign Law: Current Sources of Codes and Legislation in Jurisdictions of the WorldK38.R49

130.    Indicador Legal Andrade : sobre leyes, reglamentos, acuerdos, decretos, etc KGF52.I52 (request through ILL)



133.    Informacion Juridica

Primary sources

Codigos, leyes, etc.

134.    Spanish-language Mexican codes and legislative compilations are shelved by subject under KGF in the compact shelves at the rear of the Foreign and International section of the law library.

135.    Diario Oficial on LEXIS: MEXICO;MXDO from August 1, 1997

136.   The Mexican Civil Code (Michael Wallace Gordon, transl.1980). KGF7911.A291928A613 1980

137.    LEXIS: MEXICO;MXFED  [Mexican federal legislation in Spanish.]

138.    WESTLAW: MEXLAW  [A selection of Mexican codes and legislation in English.]

139.    WESTLAW: CODMEX  [Mexican (Federal District) Civil and Commercial Codes in Spanish.]

140.    WESTLAW: MEXCODE  [Mexican (Federal District) Civil and Commercial Codes in English.]

141.    WESTLAW: ENFLEX-MX  [Mexican environmental, health and safety regulations in English.]

142.    Constitucion Politica de los Estados Unidos Mexicanos.

143.    Legislacion Federal

144.    Doing business in Mexico : a practical guide. HG5162.G72 2002 Anderson

145.    Doing business in MexicoKGF 333.B86D65 Law/Reserves

146.   Mexican tax, customs and foreign investment laws.KGF4583.C65 (request through ILL)

147.   Mexico: environmental laws and norms (1994- ).  KGF3421.M49 1994 (request through ILL)

148.   Taxation and investment in MexicoKGF 4861.T38

Judicial decisions


150.    Suprema Corte de Justicia de la Nacion.

152.    Tesis del Seminario Judicial de la Federacion.


153.    Spanish-language scholarly treatises and commentaries are shelved by subject under KGF in the compact shelves at the rear of the Foreign and International section of the law library.

Law journals and news

154.    Revista de la Facultad de Derecho de Mexico. K19 .D426 (request through ILL)

155.    Boletin Mexicano de Derecho Comparado. electronic resource

156.    Ars iuris : revista de la Facultad de Derecho de la Universidad Panamericana. K1.R75


158.    Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals. K 33.I63



159.    Canadian Encyclopedic Digest, Ontario (3d ed.).    KEO71.C36 3d

Bibliographies and other gateways

160.    Jacqueline R. Castel & Omeela K. Latchman, The Practical Guide to Canadian Legal Research (1993).     KE250.C37 1993

161.    Margaret A. Banks, Using a Law Library (1985).    KE250.B36 1985

162.    "Canada," in Thomas H. Reynolds & Arturo A. Flores, Foreign Law: Current Sources of Codes and Legislation in Jurisdictions of the WorldK38.R49


164.    Canadian Abridgment  KE173.C354

165.    Best Guide to Canadian Legal Research.


166.    ACJNet.

167.    Revised Statutes of Canada 1985. KE89 1985

168.    Canada Gazette, Part IIIKE91.C3

169.    Statutes of CanadaKE87.A23


171.    Canadian Legislation.

172.    Consolidated Statutes and Regulations.


173.    Consolidated Regulations of Canada. electronic resource

174.    Canada Gazette, Part IIIKE19.C3

Judicial decisions  [Our print collection of Canadian case reporters is shelved in the Foreign & International section of the law library under KE.]

175.    Supreme Court of Canada.

176.    Federal Court of Canada



178.    Free trade law reporter  KF6668.C3 1988F73 1989

179.    Doing business in CanadaKE450.B87D643

Law journals and news