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University of Houston Law Center Admitted Students Day provides glimpse of law school life

Admitted Students

June 03, 2024 — Prospective law students visited the University of Houston Law Center and gained insights from faculty, staff and students on navigating law school during the Spring Admitted Students Day event themed "Feel The Love."

Dean Baynes
UH Law Center Dean Leonard M. Baynes

UHLC Dean Leonard M. Baynes said, “Welcome to the University of Houston Law Center and welcome to the start of your career. I know for many of you the law school acceptance letter, no matter your background, is special because your life is going to change. Law makes such a difference in people’s lives in our society.”

Pilar Mensah, J.D., Assistant Dean for Admissions, also told attendees they would be joining a special community at UHLC.

“We are excited for you to learn more about the Law Center and meet some of our current students, alumni, staff and faculty,” said Mensah. “And get to what is the heart of the Law Center – the people.”


During the event, UHLC Assistant Professor Aman Gebru conducted a mock class, providing a glimpse into the style and content of law school lectures.

“I am going to use this topic of contracts as an example of how law school is taught and how you should expect to be learning about the law,” said Gebru.

Current UHLC students Emma Brose, Julia Tape, and Raisha Williams shared their insights and experiences in law school, highlighting the importance of self-awareness, self-care, and community support for success.

Williams, a part-time 2L student, advised prospective students to “Give yourself grace. Law school is hard. It is challenging. It is going to stretch you in ways that you have not been stretched before. Give yourself grace and do not compare yourself to another student. That is the most detrimental thing you can do.”

She also recommended to “Utilize all the support available to you,” encouraging students to not hesitate to seek help from professors, TAs, and academic support.

Tape, a 3L student, emphasized the value of knowing and believing in oneself, stating, "Understand yourself and how you work. Be confident in yourself. Know you belong."

Brose, a 2L student, offered advice on career networking, urging attendees to "utilize your career advisors" and actively participate in events and organizations. She also underscored the importance of kindness, "Be kind to everybody. These are the people you will be working with the rest of your life in your legal field."

Dean and Students
Tennessee and Students

Students also heard from Emelia Alvear, Assistant Director of Scholarships & Financial Aid, Monica Mensah, J.D., Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, and Tiffany Tucker, J.D., Assistant Dean for Career Development.

The day concluded with a reception and tours of the John M. O’Quinn Law Building.

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