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Support the Criminal Justice Institute

The Criminal Justice Institute is extremely thankful for all of its sponsors and supporters. Please consider supporting the work of CJI with a financial contribution or by volunteering.

For questions about giving to CJI, or about the instructions below, please contact Charlette Jefferson at 713-743-2130 or .

Giving to CJI
Option 1: By Check

  • Please make checks payable to the University of Houston Law Foundation. Write CJI clearly in the memo of the check.
  • Mail to:
    University of Houston Law Center
    Criminal Justice Institute
    Attn: David Kwok and Zachary D. Kaufman, Directors
    4170 Martin Luther King Blvd
    Houston, TX 77204-6060

Option 2: Online by Credit Card (through UH Law Center)

  • Click on this link and type in your contribution.
  • IMPORTANT: Scroll down to the gray form at the bottom of the page. As you complete the form, be sure to select CJI as the recipient using the pull down list:
  • When you are finished completing the form, press the “Confirm your gift” button and continue the rest of the process for credit card processing.