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Health & Wellness



Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers meetings are on Thursdays at 6:30pm at St Luke’s at Westheimer and Edloe.  This is a group related to TLAP and is open to lawyers and law students with depression, addiction, or other mental health challenges.  

Check out this Well-Being Tool Kit for effective techniques to help ease stress, keep your brain circuits healthy and build your resilience.

Take a look at these resources that the American Bar Association has posted to assist with various aspects of health and wellness.


Get Motivated. Get Fit. Get Involved. Visit the Campus Recreation and Wellness Center and utilize your free access to various fitness groups, outdoor and indoor activities, and other physical fitness adventures.


Fueling the Body – Meditation decreases inflammation, anxiety depression and anger. It also increases your pain threshold and helps you sleep.

UHLC encourages students to explore the nine dimensions of wellness, which can help students understand how several areas of life can affect their overall health and wellness.

UHLC works with the Justin Dart, Jr. Student Accessibility Center, located on the UH main campus, to equalize our students’ learning, discovery, and engagement by fostering self-advocacy, inclusion, and success.