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The relationship between nations and the international landscape is changing.  Global Law and Policy for the Americas provides a platform in which to examine new legal frameworks for addressing global challenges in coordination with local solutions.   Specifically, it focuses on the role of the Americas in shaping global law and policy and on the ways that domestic law and policy in the different regions of the Americas connect with the global.    NAFTA renegotiations have highlighted a redefining of North America and its role in the world. New economic players, technological innovation, and environmental challenges are changing the marketplace, questioning globalization, shifting global power dynamics, and impacting the future of international law and its institutions. Law shapes society, motivates behavior, and creates incentives for action. The 20th century marked important changes in the role of law, domestic and international, for the Americas, with reemerging democracies and new markets. The Americas are rich in resources, diverse in cultures, and a source of economic power and will continue to play an important role in the future of global law and policy. GLPA considers these shifts in international law and policy and emphasizes the interplay between the global to the local.

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Global Law and Policy for the Americas Initiative invites you to a lunch presentation on Environmental Enforcement & Environmental Justice in North America

 April 18, 2023

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FEBRUARY 28, 12:30 P.M. ET  

Navigating the Clerkship Process for Law Students of Color and First-Generation Law Students

Please join ACS for a panel discussion aimed at demystifying judicial clerkships, specifically for law students of color and first-generation law students. Participants will learn more about the clerkship process, whether they should apply for a clerkship, the differences between state, federal, trial, and appellate clerkships, the qualities that judges look for in judicial clerks, and the day-to-day experience of being a clerk. Panelists will also provide best practices for navigating the clerkship application process and discuss the importance of increasing diversity in judicial clerkships.


Professor Elizabeth Trujillo shares optimism in the reenergized trilateral economic relationship among USMCA partners in a recent CBC news article highlighting the outcomes of the North American Leader’s Summit on January 9-10, 2023 in Mexico City.  For more, please read this.


We are excited to announce our academic partnership with the University of Bologna, Italy. This collaboration brings together researchers from Bologna’s Department of Political Science and Social Sciences and UH Law Initiative on Global Law and Policy for the Americas for collective research on the Americas and international law. This partnership will also bring about more opportunities for faculty and students of both institutions for international exchanges, collective research and other mutually beneficial collaborations.

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