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Mahsa Monshizadegan advocates for human rights in Iran

Mahsa Monshizadegan

Mahsa Monshizadegan

Dec. 6, 2022 — In an op-ed article published by The Austin Chronicle, UH Law Center student and Iranian-U.S. citizen Mahsa Monshizadegan spoke out about the unnecessary cruelty currently seen in Iranian leadership. Monshizadegan called on governmental leaders to stand up for Iranian people in her article, “We Should All Fight for Human Rights in Iran.”

For 10 years, Monshizadegan has lived in the United States as an immigrant, but much of her family remains in Iran.

“I have the privilege to live in a country where I can raise my voice and bring attention to the people of Iran that are suppressed by a terrorist regime that is killing them for simply protesting for their basic human rights,” Monshizadegan said. “I cannot sit quietly.”

“Mahsa Monshizadegan is harnessing her education on law and policy from the University of Houston Law Center to exercise leadership on the crucial topic of ongoing oppression, particularly of women in Iran,” said Zachary D. Kaufman, Associate Professor of Law and Political Science and Co-Director of the Criminal Justice Institute at the University of Houston Law Center.

Monshizadegan notes in her op-ed that the people of Iran have been stripped of their economic, cultural and personal rights since the Islamic Republic took over the country in 1979.

While Iranian government has “tried to silence the people of Iran by shutting down the internet and suppressing protesters,” Monshizadegan urges readers to use a collective global voice to speak out.

“The UHLC community is proud of Mahsa's thoughtful reflections and recommendations during this crisis. We are confident that her advocacy will raise even more public awareness about the horrific situation and the pressing need to resolve it,” said Kaufman.

“Maybe the op-ed doesn’t do much now,” Monshizadegan said. “My aim is for people who can accomplish something to read and reflect here.”