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JD/LLM Joint Degree

This is an option for existing JD students. This provides students with an opportunity to:

  • Complete JD and LLM degrees at the same time
  • Obtain two (2) degrees in a shorter amount of time – on average one additional semester instead of 1 full-time year
  • Incur Less cost – on average 15 credit hours instead of 24; also some credits can be completed under the JD credit hour rate
  • Earn JD/LLM after the completion of 105 credit hours (separately JD/90 credit hours, LLM/24 credit hours = 114)

You can learn more about the Joint JD/LL.M. Program and information on the LL.M. specialty areas by viewing a recent informational session and panel discussion, click HERE. To view the PPT slide information only, please click HERE. See recording from the 9/17/2020 Information Session HERE and PPT slides HERE.

Students in the J.D./LL.M. Joint Degree program earn J.D. and LL.M. degrees upon the completion of 105 credits. The J.D. and the LL.M. degrees are awarded at the same time. *

Each LL.M. program requires the completion of a specific number of specialty-specific credits:

  • Energy, Environment and Natural Resources (15 credits of EENR coursework)
  • Health Law (18 credits of health law coursework to include Advanced Health Law-5108)
  • Intellectual Property & Information Law (15 credits of IPIL coursework)
  • International Law (15 credits of international law coursework)
  • Tax Law (18 credits of tax law coursework, including Tax Research-5151 and Tax Ethics-5288, plus Federal Income Tax-5459. The four-credit Federal Income Tax course does not count toward the required 18 credits of tax coursework.)

Frequently Asked Questions

When can one apply to the J.D./LL.M. degree program?

A UHLC J.D. student can apply to the joint degree program only after 30 credit hours have been completed and reported, typically after the first year of the J.D. program. A visiting or transfer student to the UHLC can apply only after a minimum of 12 credits have been completed and reported at UHLC.

Once admitted to the program, when can I earn credits toward the LL.M. specialty?

Specialty courses can be taken at any time. Specialty credits taken before admission to the joint degree program are applied toward meeting the specialty credit requirement. Joint degree students must maintain a 2.50 grade point average in specialty courses counted toward the LL.M. degree.

How is the J.D./LL.M. designation determined?

Students are considered J.D. through the semester in which the 90th credit is earned.

How is tuition calculated?

Tuition is at the J.D. rate through the semester in which the 90th credit is earned. The LL.M. tuition rate is applied in subsequent semesters.

How are grades and honors designations calculated?

A student is classified as a J.D. student, and in the curve, for all courses through the semester in which the 90th credit is earned. This includes courses that meet LL.M. specialty program requirements.

Class standing is calculated based on all courses that are graded under the J.D. curve. Class standing and honors designations will be against whatever class with whom the student graduates.

When do I graduate?

Students graduate with both degrees when all J.D. and LL.M. program requirements are met according to the chart below.



Included in curve


Example 1: Student completes 90th and 105th credit in the same semester.



J.D. degree awarded at the end of semester; LL.M. degree awarded the following semester.

Example 2: Beginning with the semester after completion of 90th credit.



Receive J.D. and LL.M. degrees concurrently.

Example 1: A student completes both the 90th and 105th credit at the end of the spring semester. Student is considered a J.D. student for tuition purposes and is graded in the curve for all courses taken that semester. There is no distinction between LL.M. and J.D. courses. Receives the J.D. degree in May and the LL.M. degree the following August.

Example 2: A student completes 90 credits at the end of the spring semester. Student registers for 15 credits the following fall semester. Beginning with the fall semester, the student is not included in the J.D. curve and is billed at the LL.M. rate. Student receives both degrees in December.

* Students who complete the 90th and 105th credit in the same semester are considered to be J.D. students (in the curve) for the semester. To comply with University Policy, the student is awarded the JD degree at the end of the semester and the LL.M. degree the following semester.


If you are a current JD student and have completed at least 30 credit hours, and would like to apply for the JD/LL.M. program, please send an e-mail expressing your interest to

Joint JD/LLM Testimonials

Aaron Koenck, JD/LLM in Energy, Environment and Natural Resources Law, 2019