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Exceptional Law School

Exceptional Law School

In 2016, UHLC was ranked 50th overall by U.S. News & World Report, and a number of our specialty programs are ranked as among the very best in the country. (That said, we think prospective students should be cautious about how they treat rankings, especially overall rankings, as they take many individual factors into account and reflect, unavoidably, the subjective judgment and incomplete knowledge of individual stakeholders). We do urge you to keep in mind that because we also offer multiple LL.M. degrees, our JD students benefit from UHLC’s incredibly large and diverse course offerings. Our nationally recognized programs in health law and intellectual property and our specialty institutes and courses in trial advocacy, energy and environmental law, international law, immigration law, criminal and constitutional law, corporate law, taxation, real estate, and family law allow students to explore these subjects in depth. 

UHLC’s faculty is dedicated to training our students to be tomorrow’s lawyers, and with a faculty/student ratio of 11.5:1, which is among the lowest in the country, students can work very closely with the faculty. At UHLC, students are a priority, a fact that is reflected in countless ways: from our 1L small group mentoring program in which all incoming students are assigned to a faculty mentor and upper level volunteer student mentor, to the law school’s excellent staff who work tirelessly to help our students succeed not just in school but also to find employment after graduation. At UHLC, we are committed to students; they are our first priority. 

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