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How many students can participate from one school?
Each school may register two student mediators. However in circumstances where space is available, schools may be permitted to send additional student mediators.

How many coaches may attend?
Participating schools may elect to send one or two coaches. It is important to note that participating schools may also elect to send a student mediator and not send a coach.

Are there any further requirements/ qualifications for student participants?
Law students who have had the mediation training.  The students competing must have the basic knowledge and skill necessary to compete as mediators.

How is the Competition Structured?
The law students compete as mediators in the National Mediator Competition.  At the same time, there is an intramural mediation advocacy competition where University of Houston Law Center students compete as advocate/client in mediation. These intramural students serve as the parties to the mediation rounds for the national competition.  There are two preliminary rounds, a semi-final round and a final round.  The final round is judged by three mediator experts.

Will the preliminary rounds be videotaped?
All the preliminary rounds will be video taped and each school will receive copies of their individual rounds.

Will the final round be videotaped?
Each school participating in the competition will receive a copy of the final round.