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Interscholastic Moot Court

2020-2021 Moot Court Team

The Moot Court Team competes every year in a dozen or more national & international competitions covering a variety of legal subjects. Team members hone their appellate advocacy skills by analyzing and arguing both sides of a legal issue before a panel of judges.

Competition Teams

ABA First Amendment and Media Law Diversity Moot Court Competition

Team: Farhan Mohiuddin, Emory Powers

ABA National Appellate Advocacy Competition

Team: Kade Beyer, Rahoul Rao, Gio Perez
Team: Bailey Bridges, Brian Pounds, Emory Powers

All-Star National Online Moot Court Competition

Team: Bailey Bridges, Kirsten Williams
Team: Julio Gonzalez, Mason Malone

Billings, Exum & Frye National Moot Court Competition

Team: Emma Brockway (5th Best Speaker), Piper Replogle (4th Best Speaker)
Team: Alyssa Arnold, Brian Pounds
Coaches: Scott Armstrong, Luke Gilman, Jessica Schaffner

Giles Sutherland Rich IP Moot Court Competition

Team: Youssef Abdelhafiz, Haytham Soliman
Team: Farhan Mohiuddin, Hina Mohiuddin

John R. Brown Admiralty Law Moot Court Competition

Team: Riki Clement, Paige Hanners

Jeffrey G. MIller National Environmental Law Moot Court Competition

Team: Jackie Boylhart, Nicholas Closuit, Gabriella Gonzalez-Brown

National Criminal Procedure Moot Court Competition (San Diego)

Team: Danielle Giaccio, Janie Rios
Coach: Seth Hopkins

Saul Lefkowitz Trademark Law Competition

Team: Lakshami Achari, Giovanni Perez, Janie Rios
Team: Nate Green, Travis Malesky

Southern Illinois University National Health Law Competition

Team: Kade Beyer, Cody Miller

Team: Shanoor Khuwaja, Jessie Totten

Coaches: Julia Peebles, Pedro Segura

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