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Interscholastic Mock Trial

2020 Team

The Mock Trial Team competes in a number of prestigious mock trial competitions around the country. Team members attain heightened understanding of the rules of procedure and evidence and develop strong courtroom skills and persuasion techniques.

Competition Teams

ABA Arbitration Competition

Team: Stasja Drecun, Jesse Guadiana, Drew Simmons, Stephanie Steele
Team: Youssef Abdelhafiz, Spencer Packard, Mykal Peterson, Jackie Riff
Coaches: Judge Christine Weems, Kasi Chadwick, Adam Robertson

All Star National Bracket Challenge

Team: Youssef Abdelhafiz, Brooke Bentley, Aditi Deal (Regional Top Advocate), Billie Parker, Mykal Peterson
Coaches: Mark Gonzalez, Janan Sharaf, Sepi Zimmer

Buffalo Niagara Mock Trial Tournament

Team: Alex Arrendondo, Amanda Blons, Janie Rios, Alejandra Rodriguez
Coaches: Matt Bergeron, Alex Bolyhart

MLK National Civil Rights Challenge

Team: Alex Abokhair, Laura Duarte, Stefam Guerrero, Jackie Riff, Sammy Hosni (Alternate)
Coaches: Monica Cooper, Spencer Edwards

Stetson National Pretrial Tournament

Team: John Appel, Emily Lucot, Spencer Packard, Tiffany Penner
Coaches: Erik Baumann, Andrew Dao

Previous Teams

2019-2020 Team

2018-2019 Team